To participate in the World Goddess Day Project is very easy!

You can join the Project by signing up to become a local coordinator for the World Goddess Day in your area.

You can include an official ritual or public event to our programme clicking here.

In 2017, this important date will be celebrated on SEPTEMBER 03rd.

You can celebrate this day reuniting friends and loved ones and other Pagans to commemorate that occasion to make a choir with this worldwide celebration in honor to the Great Mother of Life.

Below you can see some ideas about what you can do in your area to celebrate the Goddess Day:

* Organize a meeting in a park with other Goddess worshipers, sing and celebrate the Earth
* Do meditations to heal the Planet
* Organize a public ritual in honor of the Goddess
* Provide a short talk on your home or space for people to know the Goddess origins and how is importante the rebirth of her worship
* Gather your friends and collect trash from parks, beaches and places of public recreation. Make some flyers explaining the importance of preserving nature and distribute it
* Organize a spiral dance on parks and beaches explaining to people about the meaning of this activity to honor the Goddess
* Weave a quilt with several sentences about the impact of the Goddess in the world and donate it to a charity institution
* Make a banner with icons of Goddess like Triskle, Triquerta, Triluna (Triple Moon), Crescent Moon and stretch it in a window of your home
* Share flowers with your neighborhood, friends, loved ones or strangers as a gift and a blessing from the Goddess
* Along with other volunteers apply GODDESS HEALING or offer GODDESS BLESSING at hospitals, nursing homes or in your local community
* Organize a milk powder campaign and donate it to orphanages and nurseries to feed the children of the Goddess
* Wear t-shirts with symbols and impact sentences like:

- World Goddess Day
- Goddess is in the Earth and magic is afoot
- I am the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.
- All acts of love and pleasure are rituals of the Goddess
- Worshiper of the Goddess
- I'm sustained by the love of Goddess
- I am a child of the Maiden, Mother and Crone
- All Her gifts are mine, all Her powers reside in me
- Sing a song to Mother Earth
- Mother Earth is calling you

These are just some ideas about what you can do along your friends and local community. Use your creativity and increase further this simple list.